We want our children to have a ‘love of learning’ of music.  Our vision is to give children access to an engaging and diverse music curriculum reflecting the world they live in now, at the same time giving them access to musical styles throughout history.  Children are able to listen and appraise a variety of musical styles alongside performing pieces and creating their own compositions through the use of instruments and technology.  To achieve this, all children access a variety of musical games, songs, instruments, music workshops, and extra-curricular activities giving them practical hands on experience.  


Singing skills- There is a strong singing culture, which is nurtured within the school.  Children and adults in the school are encouraged to sing whenever appropriate to aid well-being and health as well as musical outcomes.

Instrumental skills - Children are taught to sing a wide ranging variety of songs and to use their voices expressively.  They have the opportunity to play both tuned and un-tuned instruments with increasing control and should rehearse and perform with others, with an awareness of audience.

Composing skills-  Children create musical patterns and are shown how to explore, select and organise musical ideas, recording these in a variety of ways, (e.g.: pictorial score, by means of a digital recorder, tape recorder or video or using notation).

Appraising skills- Children are given the opportunity to explore and explain their own ideas and feelings about music, using music, dance, expressive language and musical vocabulary.  They analyse and compare sounds and become confident at suggesting improvements for their own work and that of others.

Listening and applying knowledge and understanding- Children should be able to listen with concentration and to internalise and recall sounds with increasing aural memory.  They will develop a growing awareness of the interrelated dimensions of music.  They will learn that time and place can influence the way music is created, performed and heard, that music is produced in different ways and is described through invented and standard notations which will be applied appropriately throughout their musical journey in school.


Children will experience...

► Charanga Musical School planning is used by teachers to drive children’s development within music. Every year group will build upon the learning from prior year groups therefore developing depth of understanding and progression of skills. Lessons provide opportunities for children to develop practical skills and progress by listening and appraising, singing, playing, composing, and performing.
► We promote an enjoyment and foster interest of music through regular singing practice, musical workshops, and other extra- curricular opportunities such as the school choir and peripatetic music lessons. Pupils are given the opportunity to listen to a range of music through various in and out of school opportunities. Performances take place within various school activities and are integral to the school ethos
► Resources: We have a range of music equipment and resources that can easily be moved around the school. There are a full class set of glockenspiels and a number of other tuned instruments including: Keyboard, tambourines, drums, bells and more.



Through Expressive Arts, children are taught to sing songs, make music and dance.  Children are given opportunities to experiment with ways of changing sound and develop an understanding of pulse rhythm and pitch.  Children enjoy listening and responding to different styles of music, learning to sing, joining in with nursery rhymes and action songs which leads to playing classroom instruments and performing for others.  Children are also encouraged to use everyday objects to make music and create sound outdoors and experiment with sound using objects made from different materials such as wood, metal and plastic.  


Our children will become...

Lifelong lovers of music, to develop an understanding that it can help them to grow in self-confidence, connect with others and learn that there are no limits to where their love for music could lead them.Those children with a particular interest or aptitude in music will be given the opportunity to extend their education in a variety of ways, for example, orchestral groups, singing club, instrumental performances in assembly.


Knowledge Organisers

Key Stage 1 - Progression Overview

Key Stage 2 - Progression Overview




Year 1

Hey You

Rhythm in the way we walk and Banana rap

In the Groove

Round and Round

Your Imagination

Year 2


Hands, Feet, Heart

I wanna Play in a Band


Friendship song

Year 3


Let your spirit fly


Threee Little Birds

The Dragon Song

Year 4


Mamma Mia



Lean on me


Year 5


Living on a Prayer

Classroom Jazz

Make you feel my Love

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Dancing in the Street

Year 6



A New Year Carol

You've got a friend 

Music and Me